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If you are making a request to purchase IT equipment, please use the Procurement Request webpage, otherwise please proceed below.

Changes to IT Support arrangements from 16 February 2015

From Monday 16 February the Science IT team will be partnering with the University Services team to deliver IT support for the Faculty. Our partnership will enable staff and students to contact the IT Service Centre directly for IT support by phone (on +61 3 834 40888), which will supplement the online request form provided below.

Has your school come across from MSLE?

Staff and students from the School of Geography and School of Ecosystem and Forest Sciences should contact the University Services IT Service Centre for all your IT support requirements. Please go directly to to log your request online, or call the IT Service Centre on +61 3 834 40888.

Current Issue - Servicedesk Form and Attachments

Science IT have discovered a bug in the attachments feature of the service desk page. When people submit a help request with filenames containing more than one dot (.) the attachment and the request are lost and not uploaded to the backend Remedy system. This bug is being repaired. In the meantime, please ensure any file attachments you upload with your request have no more than one dot in the filename.

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If you have any supporting documentation or quotations, please attach them to your request. If you have more than one attachment, please submit your first file and reply to the confirmation email with subsequent files.

Please note that there is a 2MB limit for attachments.